We want our software to help shape the future of canteens

Our goal is to improve canteens all over the world with our platform by offering online tools to help increase sales, engage and improve the relationship with customers and gain insightful data towards a more sustainable canteen.

Our Vision

To become the #1 sales & loyalty platform for kitchens with returning customers

Our Mission

Empowering a world without food waste, where customers can have a personal, long-lasting relationship with their favorite kitchen

From school project to Denmark's biggest canteen app

We are a young and agile team ready to digitalize the canteen industry for good and reduce food waste. That was how it started in a school room in Aarhus, Denmark, and that is still our dream today.

Meet our cool Team Kanpla!

A lot of smiling faces are driven by the motivation of making the everyday easier for millions of employees and kitchen chefs around the world. At Kanpla we are remote-first, but we value our time together and the culture.

We collaborate with each other and our customers to move Kanpla in the right direction.

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Values and principles we actually believe in


We have fun, make great products, and always create good vibes.


We are motivated by progress, passionate about creating value, and always aspire to raise standards.

Innovation and Curiosity

We want to create an environment where innovation and curiosity are the foundation of our development and everyday success.


We aim to only have the most talented employees. We give them 100% freedom and let the results speak for themselves.


We aim to create a culture of feedback, where people always say what they think.

Get in. And let’s shape the future of canteens together

We are searching for more shooting stars to join our team and help us build Kanpla!

Where we work


Aarhus, Denmark

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We are searching for more shooting stars to join our team, and help us build Kanpla!

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