A green goal

Let’s collaborate on a more sustainable approach to canteen operations

Our Goal

To be a leader in eliminating food waste in canteens

We are working towards the goal of no food waste in canteens and institutions by providing tools to proactively and reactively reduce food waste.

How do we reduce food waste?

Sell leftovers effectively

Make reducing food waste an active part of your app with a tailor-made process

Get data-driven insights about what to make

Let the data help you effectively make or buy the right amount

Communicate your efforts

Make reducing food waste a shared responsibility

1/3 of all food goes to waste

In Denmark alone, 227,000 tonnes of food is thrown away each year by the service sector, and canteens and large kitchens make up a significant part.

Our responsibility in the canteen

The canteen is not just another place where you get your lunch. Instead, it’s a familiar space where you can take a needed break during your busy work day. It’s a place to connect with your colleagues on a personal level, and to break out of the day's strict schedule and meetings.

Furthermore, we believe the canteen can play a big role in helping each guest mak more healthy food choices during the day.

Get feedback from your customers, and increase loyalty

We believe in enabling online engagement and an open feedback culture at your workplace, where you, as an employee, can help take responsibility for improving the canteen.

This will help give the kitchen chefs more data to work with and improve their offerings, making the food healthier while taking special needs into account.

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