A simple and powerful meeting ordering system

With a strong focus on user experience for both the guests and the kitchens, we have created a simple and powerful meeting system. It can be integrated into your sales & loyalty app to increase sales.

Trusted by front-running canteens to make management of meeting services simple

All you need to run meeting catering effectively

  • Custom input fields
  • Easy meal plan management and adding products
  • Print orders exactly how you want them
  • Automatic billing
  • Statistics on sales and offers
  • Manage and confirm orders

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Rasmus Madsen

PR Director

Make ordering meeting catering easier for your guests and customize it how you want

Integration with Outlook enables easy ordering through the calendar

Branding options to give it that extra personal feel

Custom input fields for your ordering process

Save time with automatic billing

Get rid of endless email threads and spending hours preparing invoices for your meeting services. Instead, you can let the system work for you and make boring billing as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Want to make handling meeting services the highlight of your day?

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