Save time with an all-in-one solution for menus

A solution built for busy chefs! Showcase your weekly menu, highlight allergens, and more. Make it accessible for your guests through the app and print it if needed.

One place to write and create your menus

Don't get lost in stacks of paper menus. Manage them online and print only what's needed.

Make the information easily accessible everywhere

You can showcase the menu on the app, web, and other devices the way you want it.

Get your personal brand to stand out both digitally & physically

All the print menus you need - Daily menu, Weekly menu, labels, and much more.

Your personal design to match your canteen - You can upload your designs and match them to your menus and brand.

Print with one click - Use our setup directly from the admin page.

Showcase on the screens in your cafeteria, offices, or at the coffee machine

Combine the above with a full physical presence for your menus.

Learn more about opportunities to save time and make menu administration easy

New possibilities with data - varied menus to keep your customers happy

Insights from more than 100 canteens have helped shape the system to optimize planning and a custom presentation of your menu. We know that no two menus are the same.

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Rasmus Madsen

PR Director

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Learn more about the opportunities to save time and make menu administration easy

We are thrilled to learn more about your setup and how we might help.

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