Say hello to your digital canteen

Payment solution and operating system tailored for your canteen. To help minimize administration, drive sales up, and engage even more with your guest!

Make lunch registration more inclusive and easier in 2022

Save 3-4 hours every week. Everything in one place

Lower manual work and administration with Kanpla. Save time on menu administration, planning offers, and communicating with your guests.

Increase sales and sell the offerings you want

Whether if it’s meeting services, takeaway, lunch registration, or convenience sales. Offer what you want in your canteen, and set up payment through billing to the company or privately paid via the app.

Communication from kitchen to guest

Pick the communication that works best for your kitchen—mobile push, popups, internal information, and offers. Strengthen the relationship with your guests.

Gather operation and make your canteen more efficient with one system

One system for your canteens activities. Whether if it's meeting catering, communication, menu planning, or lunch registration. All data is collected and you have the best starting point to optimize the entire operation.

Make your guests hungry for your weekly menu

  • Use labels to showcase your menu the right way
  • Highlight allergens and specific needs
  • Fast and easy to create new menus

Increase sales in your canteen by convenience sales and great offers like leftovers

Offer an easy Office To Go with whatever you wish to sell. Everything from juice, cake, wine, freshly baked bread and more. Help pushing the green agenda towards your guests by offerings leftovers from today’s lunch/buffet.

Want to know more about Kanpla for your canteen?

Go digital and meet your guests where they are

We have created this to work together both desktop and mobile.

In your canteen app

Get your employee app for your canteen. Sell products with a user-friendly setup, and get even closer to your customers. Communicate and gain data to improve your offerings.


Create an online store for your canteen with Kanpla and seamlessly accept payments or bill your customers for your products. Or sync our software with your current site.

Get your canteen up and running fast

We focus on making it as easy as possible to create products, choose how you want to sell and communicate. Let’s get you started with your canteen app.

We have a detailed implementation plan for you, ready to go!

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