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App ordering

Make ordering from your canteen easy with pre-ordering or real-time grab and go. Easy for parents, students and the kitchen.

Kanpla Card cashless payment

System for ordering and picking up food with a card for your students.


Offer your food for a period you choose and collect sales of food, fruit, and school milk with ease.

Why Kanpla for your educational canteen

Increase sales

50%+ increase in sales by implementing easy app ordering.

Save time

With an effective ordering system shown to improve the queue in the canteen. Ensures all students can get food during their lunch break.

User satisfaction

Use our tools for satisfaction and engagement → 98% user satisfaction, for both students and parents.

Cashless payment

Get rid of outdated payment methods and the hassle of handling cash in the canteen.

Learn why Kanpla’s tools are used by front-running educational canteens in Denmark

We would love to present our proven solutions used all over Denmark.

A better relationship and more engagement with the students

With Kanpla’s tools, your canteen can nurture the relationship with students and parents. The system allows for multiple methods of communication, push messages, pop-ups, offers, general information, and last but not least voting and feedback.

Our tools make it fun and engaging to vote for the next upcoming meal, and highlight healthy choices for kids.

Get control over your canteen

Manage your canteen from your phone, change dishes, see sales, and refund orders quickly and easily.

  • How many people are eating daily in your canteen?
  • How much do you sell for and what are your bestsellers?
  • What do the students want?

Get answers to this and much more using Kanpla's administration system.

Sell leftovers from your canteen using push message

We want to make it as easy as possible to help fight food waste in your canteen. Simply open our Kanpla kitchen app and create an offer.

Everyone will get a push message about the offer and a time limit, and you can either pack it in bags or people can bring their own.

"We have only received good feedback from our customers, if they have had problems with payment and orders, Kanpla has also always helped quickly with a smile. So from our school, there are only the warmest recommendations."

Niels Østergaard

Kitchen chef at Madskolen Helsingør

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